School . College . Kranti

January 29, 2008
Ok, here’s the rough structure of the album. Its called School.College.Kranti and is roughly divided into 3 parts as is evident from the name. All 3 phases are based on my personal experiences through School to now. Memories embedded in time and frozen in mind. Feelings burning inside and turning outside.

1. Oh Munna (Welcome)
2. The School Song
3. I love you
4. Guzarish

5. Nasha/Aa Yaar Sutta Maar
6. Roshniyon Ka Shahar
7. Bhago

8. Andhera
9. Machine
10. Aazad

I will talk about each of these individually in the following blogs. I will also post some of the rough scratches. The whole album actually runs like a theatrical story of a child from birth till the point where he revolts against the hypocrisy of the society he is brought up in.