Roshniyon Ka Shahar (Preview Clip)

January 27, 2008
Firstly, for those who can’t hear the song, you are most probably missing Quicktime, get it here.Also, this is a rough home recording, so pardon me for bad mixing et al.

This song actually appears on the album in the college phase. It is actually about the days at college when I used to roam aimlessly throughout the nights waiting for the day to come up. It was not the sun I was waiting for. It was something else. It was a meaning for this seemingly futile and aimless life. Now I don’t feel the same but the song takes me back to those days. I am sure you would love to play this song in your car, late night !!

Again, I would like to thank all u guys for all your support and encouragement. Inshallah, I will find the light....

"Roshniyon ka shahar hai yeh
Yahan taare zameen pe lagte hain
Andhere chaand ko dhakte hain
Aur tanha dil sulagte hain

Hum bhi nikalte hain raaton me
Raaston pe bhatakte hain
Jab tak Suraj nazraana ho
Dhuean se lipatate hain

Kyun mai Is bheed mai akela
Kyun teri yaadein dil mein, Hameshaa

Roshniyon Ka Shahar Hai yeh (2)

Aakhir tu kyun akela hai
Tere dil me kya malaal hai
Jab Maksad hi pata nahin
Manzil ka kahan khayal hai"

Words of Wisdom spoken by nYn
I like his style. It’s sex on words !