Nayan Raheja, Executive Director Raheja Developers Limited, is a multi-talented person wearing many hats with ease. Apart from designing & constructing great buildings, Nayan Raheja is also a conservationist, poet, director an avid photographer and the list goes on. Graduating from the School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi and the alumnus of Delhi Public School, he dreamt of being an architect when he was in class eight.

A member of the Indian institute of architects, his life was dotted with passion – for education, for photography and for making a change in the society. He has been at the forefront of leading the company into the new era contributing significantly to better systems, processes and better product delivery & keeping pace with the newer construction technologies.

He is also one of the directors in Raheja Productions, which is a production house making documentaries and films in the field of wildlife and environment. He is personally a keen wildlife photographer, travelling extensively to wildlife parks across the world.

Under his leadership the company has seen tremendous change in last two year due to change of business strategy from mid level housing to luxury housing. Nayan Raheja was instrumental and front runner in getting the world's largest construction companies i.e. Arabtec and ECC to India under Joint Venture as part of back-ward integration of the company. Nayan Raheja was also instrumental in appointing Thornton Tomasetti U.S.A. the structural engineers of Kingdom Tower 1km high, tallest building in the world under construction, the Petronas Towers, Malaysia & Taipei 101, Taiwan. Overall, the result is visible and company is adding turnover and brand value and will have a great future ahead.