Day at Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary

January 07, 2008
The migrating season for birds is presently on. Hence, this is the best opportunity to visit Sultanpur, a haven for birds, and not too far from New Delhi. Hence, armed with our zoom lenses. I and Akash went there last week. The birds were there alright, but goddamn the light. There was a lot of early morning fog due to which, I can proudly say, the photography was in vain. To make matters worse, the sun was against us and most of the pictures got washed out. Very few of the shots came well exposed. However, we did get to observe the behavioral patterns of some of our subjects. The day was used for some useful work later on with Akash shooting for some of the VR tours of our projects on the way back. Do check his work at http://rahejaworld.com/vt/atlantis/sample/.

Check out some shots HERE.