Day at Corbett

December 31, 2007
Me and Papa were at Corbett for a short day before rushing back home for the New Year. Managed to get some good shots of a Black-headed Golden Oriole and a pair of Little Egrets which were hunting for fish in the Ramganga River. Watching a distant Tiger crossing the river was hardly a joy. The Water Levels in the barrage were pretty high causing some amount of swamping. Corbett is great this time of the year with pleasant weather, sunny days and all kinds of exotic migratory birds to be photographed. Although we stayed at Kaanda, I would like to stay at Dhikaala the next time we visit. If you do enjoy nature, be sure to visit Corbett the next time you are in New Delhi, India as it is a fleeting paradise with wildlife/bird population on the decline.(This is happening throughout India due to widespread poaching and habitat destruction)

Check out some shots here.