A Design for a better world exists. Its home is our imagination and it is shaped by the needs of those around us. Social, Economic, Technological, Monetary, Environmental, Aesthetic aspects are the chisels. The Architect is the sculptor.

My design intent primarily is to draw from and merge with nature. To make buildings as (plants) if they were self-dependent organisms. They should absorb energy from the sun, draw water from the ground & replenish it back, merge with the environs and be a coherent part of a larger ecosystem(the city). These Buildings(organism) should be born, should die and the species should evolute. Similarly, traffic on the roads should move as it were a river, spreading resources, not consuming them. When this dream becomes an affordable reality for everyone in this world, we would have reached the golden age.

Degree   Bachelors of Architecture (2001-2006) SPA , New Delhi
Thesis   Housing, Hotels
Interests   Deconstruction, Ethnic, Classical Styles, Sustainability, Nano/Solar technologies, Mass Housing
15 August 2009
This one is truly amazing...supposed to come up in Dubai...but I aint believing it till its built. Its more an engineering task than real estate.
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15 August 2009


25 January
Well, I thought deconstruction seems like a jolly fine topic to be blogging about. I ain’t written on it in years now.
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