Aazad (Preview Clip)

February 19, 2008
I am your mother , your father, your food, your existence, your earth, your sky. I am the lifestyle of the millions who lay on my breast. Yet I am what you plunder. I am what you have inserted the spikes into. I am what you have abused. I am what started you, I am what will end you.

The night has not ended. It will not end till you are cleansed from within. For I am You. For I am India.

" Mai Aazad Hoon,
Aaj Hoon, Aaj ke baad hoon,
Ab tumhari jhuthi jannaton ka nahi mohtaj hoon

Le lo vapas apne sare sapne inquilab ke,
Apni majburion ki aaj khud mai aawaz hoon
Aazad Hoon, Aazad hoon..."

If you want to be part of the dream, first clean your ethics, kill your greed, CARE! - nYn